Friday, December 14, 2012

Juice Fast: Day Five

I had some strange leg cramps last night where a muscle in my lower leg cramped, causing my big toe to flex in a fixed bend. It was excruciating. This, even though I am doing bananas as part of my juice fast.

I got over it with a little help from my wife. Thanks honey! She helped by pressing on the area of the most pain and massaging out the cramp.

Today I woke up with my first mild headache in five days. Odd, on water fasts I usually have this in day two. I also have a slight tummy ache, and feel a bit irritable. Also, day two phenomena in the water fast.

WARNING: overshare ahead..

What really strikes me as odd is that I am actually still pooping. Seriously? No solid food in nearly five whole days and there are still matters to be worked out in that way? I do have less flatulence, which is good. But shouldn't that all be done with by now?

Anyway, I hope that my chronic eye redness and fatigue will be fixed forever once I get through this and switch to a 95% vegetarian diet, without processed foods or non-organic produce. I've been toxic for far too long.

It'll all work itself out in good time. I'm committed and hopeful.

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